Today’s MPS is just not simplistic service contract but also complex information in terms of numbers: the analytics of each customer, each printer, each page used, maintaining technician team & inventory of spares, cartridges & providing high-level service. You are always on the edge. . It’s plain hard work, but if you don’t do it, someone else will. The gap between planning and execution is wide due to non-availability of vital information. Without these essential details the profit & client will slip through your fingers.

managed print services solutions
managed print services solutions

EasyMps ERP is designed specifically for Managed Print Service (MPS) industry to get imperative information at a click of a button. It’s a single Software that manages your entire business.. It helps you to lock in your customer and locks out your competition. It makes your contract business more valuable and changes your customer relationship from supplier to partner It is scalable & its workflow ensures minimum human errors.


  • Available on premises or cloud platform
  • Asset based system for accurate reports
  • Service desk with service ticket
  • Paperless call report using mobile app
  • Gps tracking for your technicians
  • Route your ticket to another service provider
  • Web based client access
  • System prevents mismatched delivery orders
  • Integration with meter reading software
  • Create any combination mps billing
  • Direct scan & attach documents
  • Integration with tally
  • Barcode on every document generated
  • Reports, alerts & document management



  • Accounting

  • Basic Contract

  • Service Desk

  • HR /CRM

  • Alerts /Reports

  • Dashboard

Enhanced Contract

  • Allow client to access service portal

  • Split charges to multiple departments

  • Define rules for invoicing

  • MPS Invoice

Roles & Privileges

  • Define role and privilege of each user branch wise

Multi Branch

  • Add Multiple branches for service module & Inventory


  • Mark product as New, Useable, Destroy

  • Branch wise inventory

  • Purchase order, Sales Order

  • Authorisation of sales order

  • Sales invoice

  • API to push data into “Tally”

Service Call Routing

  • List of companies who provide 3rd party support

  • Route call to 3rd party to complete the call

Cartridge production

  • Stage wise production

  • Multi branch

  • Batch mode

  • Technician skill assessment

Mobile App

Admin Control

Assign & view tickets, make payment


Close service calls and generate call report without internet access

Call Reports

Paperless report with signature and images

Ticket & Location Status

It provides stage wise status of each ticket & location of technicians to service desk


Smart Notification

Notification for new tickets & acceptance of parts received

Fast Performance

Optimized code, Adaptive image compression, Pre-loading content

Clean Design

Simple interface to understand and navigate

Access Control

It allows login access only to devices which are listed those preventing data leak



Sanjay Shah


Jasmine Chopra


Juhi Nigam



Do I have a choice to run ERP from the cloud or from my Own Server?

EasyMps is available in 2 version, Own Your Own Server or from the cloud as SaaS.

What if there is no internet connectivity when technician at client premises?

EasyMps app for technician can work in Offline or Online mode. If there is no internet connectivity at client’s place, technician can still use the app and close the ticket. Once online, data is synced with the main server.

What is paperless Call Report??

All the data regarding ticket is fed in the app by technician. Once data is synced with the server, a call report with images, signature and call data is emailed to the client.

How do I track whether faulty part is returned to the office or not by technician?

EasyMps tracks return of the faulty parts. It also gives option whether faulty part can be used again or needs to be destroyed.

What are the various stages of a service ticket?

There are many stages of a service ticket. For e.g. - Not Assigned, Assigned, Started, Pending, Closed, Quotation sent, Quotation approved, Part supplied by store, Faulty part returned etc..

Would my customers be able to add & view service ticket?

Customers can view and add service tickets using client web portal.

Do I get detailed Inventory?

You can manage your inventory using Inventory module.

Will I be able to raise Purchase and Sales Order?

Yes, you can raise Purchase and Sales order.

How can I use the Account Module?

You can create account heads, client, supplier, purchase and sales entry. EasyMps can easily integrate with Tally. We can also create API for different accounting software.

How many days it will take to setup ERP and training?

We can setup ERP in one day. It will take 25 to 30 days for training and going live.

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